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By Deepak Sharma

Presenting before you, For the first time ever the mysterious book - Mind Is King....to fill your life with love and happiness. the book will teach you to set a mind thermostat for Money, Health , Love, Relationships and Joy. With the knowledge of the principles of a human mind which i implied practically to gain health, wealth and comfort in my life. My true stories will reveal that after setting a mind thermostat. It is possible to get rid of any health issues, make more money, buy a better car, build a magnificent house, become a successful person and achieve anything you imagine even if it seems to be impossible!

Mind Is King

Author: Deepak Sharma

Publisher: MakeWayIndia

About This Book: You must be thinking, what is the special secret in this book? What secret does the book conceal that once you know it you will become successful. The only one answer I have for all your queries is that the book contains the principle mantra for success and once you imply it in your life as a habit, nothing in the world can stop you to achieve your goals.